Why You Should Hire A Designer

On the left is the original. The final result is on the right. The last column is layers and masks used. The idea behind this blog is to give a look at the inner workings of book cover design and encourage those who have no graphic design training to hire someone who knows the ins and outs. As a bit of a backstory, I was a photographer and a graphic designer years before I ever wrote a book. That my self-training has come to be of so much use to me is a blessing. I could not have churned out so many books without it. The above design I did just for kicks. I do a lot of designs when I am bored or can't write or it's late and I'm trying to waste time or sometimes simply to learn. It is therapy for my brain. When I saw this original image, it looked like a historical fiction cover to me, except I didn't like her hair or the background. Removing background can be easy or insanely hard. This was moderate. I created a mask using a combination of brushes and

Custom Book Cover Design Prices

Here's how it works: My contact email: . I work strictly by email. I do not phone call or IM . ebooks are $85. Paperbacks are $150. The cost of a paperback includes an ebook cover. The price of the ebook comes out of the paperback. So if you buy an ebook cover and decide you also want the paperback, you only pay the difference of $65.00. There is a $50 non-refundable fee for preview designs. This must be paid IN ADVANCE of any work I do but does not include our discussion or thinking on my part. It begins when I have to do any searching for images or the minute I open Photoshop. The $150 price does not include Author bios on the back. That is $25 extra. Certain other extra elements will cost extra, depending on the design. You will know what these are in advance, during our discussion. I will NOT spring prices on you after the fact. I require considerable time to work, so any rush work will cost extra . This is not my primary job. I am also